A Zantac Resume of Recalls

In June of 2020, Zantac released its findings to the FDA after conducting its own investigation. The company had conducted an internal investigation and a survey of its manufacturing plant and found some irregularities. In June, it announced that it would file a report to the FDA. In September, the company released its results of that internal investigation to the FDA. This is when it revealed three separate cases of potential hazard from the use of Zantac and two class action lawsuits filed by consumers who bought Zantac and were injured.

Zantac released a number of safety notifications to healthcare organizations and retailers. These notifications were required under the FDA's labeling program for prescription drugs. In addition to those notifications, Zantac also published a notice on its website inviting customers to report any symptoms that occur after taking Zantac. The full list of recalled products can be found here.
A Zantac Pharmaceuticals representative offered a statement to reporters on the results of the company's internal investigation into the causes of these recalled products. The pharmaceutical giant plans to voluntarily recall all of the Zantac ointments, powders and oral supplements it has developed since April of 2020. In addition, Zantac is working with the Food and Drug Administration to ensure that all of its employees are aware of this recall and are required to report any symptoms that come from this medication within twenty-four hours. Go to https://zantacsettlement.org for options on pharma recalls now. 

As of this writing, none of the individuals who have been affected by this medication have developed any type of disease or adverse reaction as a result of taking Zantac. However, due to the recent news reports, which focus on the negative effects that prescription drug addiction can have on an individual's health, this product is being recalled and is undergoing market withdrawal. As a result, anyone who might be interested in taking Zantac should now stop the manufacture and immediately contact a doctor if they develop a negative symptom. Zantac is making these additional product recalls in order to focus on the positive ways in which this medication can help those who use it. For those who suffer from problems relating to prescription drug addiction, the withdrawal symptoms experienced while taking Zantac could be too strong to handle. Do check out this service to learn more about lawsuits now. 

It is important to realize that all pharmaceuticals products carry some type of warning related to their manufacture, including this one. When a manufacturer issues a recall it is usually in order to halt sales and remove the recalled product from the market. Some companies issue these types of recalls in an effort to remove products from the marketplace that have been known to cause serious adverse reactions. The number of different drugs that are subject to this recall is quite large. As such, it is important that consumers who regularly take ranitidine not stop using it due to this recall.
In addition to this, Zantac is also recalling two other common prescription drugs, name and ndapredine. These are both considered to be higher strength than Zantac, and as such have a higher risk for causing overdose and/or severe adverse reactions. The recalled drugs were sold in the following combination: Zantac, methylphenidate hydrochloride, name, hydroxybutynin and dapoxetine hydrochloride. It is believed that patients who took this combination in high doses would be at increased risk of experiencing adverse events. Those patients should stop taking the products immediately and contact their doctor or pharmacist for further information about this Zantac recall.
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